Lessons from the Road to Emmaus: Recognizing Jesus in Daily Life

The story of the Road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35) is an excellent portrayal of faith and how God reveals himself to us in unexpected ways. After Jesus’ crucifixion, disciples Cleopas and another unnamed companion were terribly sad as they went from Jerusalem to Emmaus. They are unaware that Jesus is accompanying them on this voyage, but they are unable to identify him.

Lessons We Can Learn:

  • Jesus Walks With Us in Our Discouragement: Even at our lowest times, Jesus stands by us as we make our way through life difficulties.
  • The Scriptures Reveal Jesus: On hearing Jesus interpreting scriptures, disciples experienced a burning heart (Luke 24:32). By gaining more knowledge concerning the Bible it becomes possible for us to have clearer vision on who Jesus is.
  • Recognizing Jesus Through the “Breaking of Bread“: It’s only during this time that disciples identify him (Luke 24:30-31). Sharing food and performing acts of kindness may allow us see Christ’s existence among ourselves daily.
  • Our Eyes Are Opened to See Jesus Everywhere: The disciples watch seeing differently after their eyes were opened. This teaches us that with a renewed perspective, we can recognize Jesus’ presence in the world around us.

How to Implement these Lessons:

  • Be Open to Jesus in Unexpected Places: Don’t just restrict meeting Jesus to the church or prayer moments, instead be open to meeting him in the ordinary conversations and other ordinary instances of life.
  • Engage with Scripture Regularly: Through studying the Bible, we can hear God’s voice and understand more about what Jesus taught.
  • Practice Hospitality: We can encounter Jesus and show his love by sharing meals and doing small acts of kindness towards others.
  • Reflect on Your Experiences: Spend time thinking about your day’s events and where you might have seen Jesus at work

The Road to Emmaus reminds us that even when we are unaware, Jesus is always with us. By deepening our faiths, engaging with scripture, practicing hospitality, our eyes may be opened so that we recognize his presence among us in everyday things.