Children’s Lesson: Teaching Kids About Spiritual Warfare in a Way They Can Understand

Have you ever played a game where you needed to get over challenges? Perhaps it was constructing a tower with blocks or crossing a maze without getting lost. In the Bible, there is the concept called “spiritual warfare,” which may sound frightening, but it is simply about handling problems in a way that strengthens us as Christians.

Here’s how we can teach spiritual battle to children in an entertaining and easily understood manner:

Imagine Our Minds as Battlegrounds!

Think of your mind like a big playground. Sometimes, good thoughts like kindness, helpfulness, and sharing want to play there. However, negative ideas such as anger, selfishness, or jealousy might slip in and take over the fun.

The Two Teams: Good Choices and Not-So-Good Choices

Just like in a game, there are two teams in this battle. The first team is all about the good choices we make. These choices follow God’s teachings and make us feel happy and helpful.

The other team is made up of not-so-good choices. These choices can make us feel angry, sad, or frustrated.

Our Superpower: Making Good Choices!

The good news is, we have a superpower! Being kind, sharing, or forgiving is like kicking a nasty thought off during playtime. The more good choices we make, the stronger our ideas for good become, making it a lot harder for bad ideas to take over.

Putting on Our Armor

The Bible gives us a secret weapon to overcome challenges, called the “armor of God” (Ephesians 6:10-17). This armor is not made from metal but will protect us from making wrong choices. The armor includes things like:

  • Truth: Knowing what’s right and wrong helps us make good choices.
  • Righteousness: Being fair and honest keeps our hearts pure.
  • Peace: Feeling calm and peaceful makes it easier to resist anger and frustration.
  • Faith: Trusting in God gives us the strength to make good choices.

How Can We Win This Battle?

Just like in any game, practice makes perfect! Here are some ways to practice making good choices:

  • Read Bible stories: These stories teach us about good choices and the consequences of bad choices.
  • Pray: Talking to God helps us feel His love and guidance.
  • Talk to a grown-up: Grown-ups are likewise coaches who can give you advice and support when you’re struggling.

Remember that spiritual warfare is not about fighting against others. It’s about making excellent decisions and keeping our minds on the wonderful things in life. By embracing our superpowers and equipping God’s armor, we can win these battles and be the best Christians we can be!